Monday, April 24, 2017

Rough Days, But Always Hopeful

It was kind of a rough week here at the Lazy B. My DIL's dad had brain surgery a few weeks back to remove a tumor that may have been there for years, but was now causing major problemas. He did great with the surgery and was doing his rehab, when something went wrong with his heart-rate. It turns out he had some blood clots and one major blood clot that had to be removed with open heart surgery.  He came through that surgery with flying colors, but now has more recovery and rehab to do. While all of this was going on, I babysat the grandbabies over night and through the day. The kids and I had a great time, but I needed recovery time too.

After my trip to WF on Monday to meet with the assessing nurse for insurance purposes, Mom seemed have a rough week. She called several times a day - usually wanting her dishes and China cabinet or wanting her money back or asking if I had her wallet. I always answer the phone when Mom calls - maybe because I am hopeful that she will be my mom again. But the calls usually go south fast. No matter what I say, she gets angry and usually hangs up on me.

It turns out that Mom broke up with her boyfriend (again). He has not been able to take her dancing or shopping for the past several weeks due to health issues of his own (he is 88). But now he is better and had gone by to check on her. Unfortunately, she can't remember or understand why he has not been around, and she was ugly to him. He called me and told me he was done with her this time. I told him that I understood (and was a little jealous of him). He told me that he thought she had another boyfriend - someone named Tom. Good grief!

My big brother showed up on Saturday to see Mom. It is fun to have him come. Mom loves his visits.  I met him at her apartment and we all had a nice chat. Then Mom remembered that I had her China and cabinet and money, etc.  No amount of smooth-talking would help and she threw us out. I'm fairly used to this sort of thing, but it was harder on my brother. An hour or so later, Mom called me and wanted something, so we went back by her apartment. She was pretty pitiful, but I made arrangements for my brother to pick her up for supper. Then Toby and I high-tailed it out of town.  I think the really hard part is wondering if we are doing what is best for Mom or does she need more care, different care, drugs, etc.

Yesterday, Sunday, was just a beautiful day. After church we worked in the garden - Toby's thang, and then in the flowerbed - my thang. We got lots done. Tomatoes planted with a little hoop house over them, dirt moved to the flowerbed, flowers planted, and mulch put down - Yeha! It was very satisfying, but now I am sore in places that I forgot I had.

I am hopeful for a quiet week with some art and crafts and maybe a massage.


Jo Castillo said...

Feel for ya… Hope this is a good week.

Looking forward to your artwork.

tushar soni said...
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Etienne said...

My dad had to take care of us kids when my mother went to the hospital for the birth of my baby brother (yep, back in the 50's they checked you in, sheesh!).

As you can imagine, dad was out of his comfort zone with all of us kids, so to keep us out of his hair, he gave us butter and sugar sandwiches, which caused us to go crazy with energy, and out in the backyard to play and come down from the drug overdose.

Meanwhile he could read the paper in his easy chair.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks,Jo. It was better.

Etienne, sugar sandwiches! That's crazy.