Monday, April 17, 2017

Yard Work

Last Sunday we worked hard in my yard. By Wed. grass was coming up through the black plastic we had put down and covered with mulch. I was horrified! How could it be?! Then I started looking at the new grass a bit closer. It is nutgrass - probably brought in with the new dirt we put down to level out the yard. It has been making me crazy just thinking about how to get rid of it. On Friday I went by one of the nurseries here in town. The guy I spoke with was very knowledgeable and friendly.  He sold me some weed killer stuff that would kill the nut in the nutgrass. Hopefully. Then after reading up on it, I may be able to dig up some of the grass - at least the part that is in the sidewalk area of my landscaping. Of course, I can't put down my sidewalk until I get rid of the nutgrass. Before I left,  another man at the nursery said, "The only way to get rid of nutgrass is to move." Thanks, buddy.

Toby's mom fell on Friday. He drove to WF to the emergency room and spent most of the day there with her. The good news is that although she is banged up and bruised, she is not broken. We went back to check on her Saturday. She was up and about, but not very spunky.Toby's nephew from Austin was in town and we had lunch with him and his mom. Later we met over at Jesse's house and drank a beer with them. Well, I drank a pear cider. Interesting.

We've been getting lots of rain over the weekend, which is good. Everything is green and growing. The yard needs mowing.  So starts the summer cycle - needing rain, getting rain, mowing grass. It is funny that while at the doctor's with Mom last week, one of the things she said to the doctor (when she was mad at me) was"...and she doesn't even do yard work!"


Getting Old said...

My brother said his neighbor lady fell down, and her husband came over to ask him help in getting her into her chair, as he was too weak. They are both about 85.

Their daughter arrived and told them she has found an assisted living center for them, and the old man finally agreed they couldn't hack it on their own any more. My brother said the man was in shock about his wife sprawled all over the floor. He was more worried about him.

Luckily my brother was a medic in the military, and took all her vitals and said she was just weak. He looked in the fridge and sink, and they were eating crap out of cans. He told their daughter they need a proper diet and would perk right up. She took her to a doctor and they put her in the hospital as she was dehydrated among other things.

It wasn't long, and the moving trucks appeared on Friday and Saturday, and today he said an appraiser showed up. Although the daughter is trying to decide on renting the place. Since it is all payed for it would be a nice monthly income.

Anyway, I remember them as quite the couple in the 60's. They took us kids camping with them, and I even learned to fish with his reel. Caught my first trout with him coaching. I can't believe they are that old already. I can't believe I'm old!

Bag Blog said...

Getting old is tough - that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

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