Thursday, July 27, 2017

Neck Zit

Sometimes I don't realize how stressed I am until my neck breaks out in a big zit. At my age!

I was feeling pretty excited about taking Mom to the doctor to find out what the lumps were on her chest. I wanted/needed to know. I did not think I was stressed. Mom's doctor at HOH seemed to want to know too - that is why he set us up with a doctor that he thought would know more. The bottom line: the specialist did not really know more. And maybe the whole doctor visit was more stressful than I thought it would be.

The specialist said she could rule out cancer, but she did not know what or why Mom had large lumps on her chest. She said it could be a hematoma, but there was nothing we could or should do, and it would likely heal on its own.  Like everyone else, she asked if Mom had ever had implants or injections. Mom and I both insisted that was a no. Mom insists the lumps were caused from a fall several months ago, but her story is iffy. I am sure Mom and I looked like Abbott and Costello with Mom telling a crazy story and me trying to explain that not everything Mom says is accurate.

The problem is that Mom has fallen quite a lot. She has always jumped up and said she was fine. She has not shown me any bruising from any falls in the last several months. Of course, she is mad at me all the time and doesn't want to tell me things - it is her way of showing me that she can handle things herself. Her story now is that she fell near her room back at Royal Estates - people saw her fall and someone must have called the nurse, but Mom had already jumped up and gone to her room before the nurse arrived. So why didn't the nurse or someone tell me or my brother? Fear of being sued? So it would seem that this fall was not all that serious - certainly nothing that would cause a hematoma in Mom's chest. So, did she fall at some other time? Possibly! We may never know.

Maybe part of the stress was because we arrived at the doctor's office thirty minutes early as requested by the nurse - to fill out paperwork - and I do mean lots of paperwork. We were there at 1:30 for our 2:00 appointment. We did not see the doctor until almost 4:00. Mom did fairly well - at least she did not scratch a hole in her face or get really ugly with me. Once in the room, I felt like the doctor was short and impatient with us (although keep in mind the Abbott - Costello thing). I thought the doc was rough and impersonal. Add that to the fact that she did not really offer any new info.  And I have a big neck zit today.

When I got home at 6PM and ate a little supper, I did a very quick watercolor - keeping up my watercolor-a-day in July. It may be my best watercolor of the month.


Etienne said...
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Jo Castillo said...

Hi, stressful not to know. I think I know the feeling.

We have a really good family doctor. He is from Peru so he and Gene do get into politics a bit in Spanish. Ha. His office help can drive you crazy. Can never talk to anyone by phone.

The watercolor is lovely. Beautiful….

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Sorry I was so slow to answer your comment. I thought I had answered it - duh. Since the doctor's visit, I have settled down and decided not to worry about any of it. Not that I really worry. The doctor did call me personally and tell me that the needle extraction that she did on Mom showed no cancer or anything wrong. That is good.

John said...

Glad the lumps are not anything serious Lou. Great talking with you the other day. Appreciate the information about Stevie. Had another long talk with Anny. She's so sweet. Please give my love to your mother. Take care!

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