Friday, July 26, 2019

Lost Post

I thought I posted this last week, but it showed this morning as not posted yet. I'll try again.

Well, it has only been a month since I have posted.  Yikes!  I don't even have a good excuse.  While in Angel Fire with my paint buddy, Jo, I could have posted because we had WIFI (glorious WIFI). When I could have been posting to my blog, like my friend Jo was doing, I just wanted to chill and do other things on my phone and tablet.  I have grown lazy.

So, this summer I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I posted back in June about Jesse winning the art battle in Wichita Falls.  Now I am signed up to do the one on August 17th at the Warehouse in downtown Wichita Falls.  The public is urged to attend and vote on their favorite artist. It would be fun to see you there.  In the meantime, I am frantically practicing and trying out different things to paint when I get up on stage and have to paint in front of 200 people. Any ideas would be appreciated.  It needs to be simple, but eye-catching with good contrast and light.  Something that can be painted well in 20 minutes. Every morning I try to paint something  - training for the battle.

We spent a week in NM with me doing the Wild Rivers Paint Out.  We stayed with my buddy Jo (and her great wifi) in Angel Fire.  During the day Jo and I painted like fiends (or friends) while our husbands hiked and biked and saw the sights.  It was a great place to stay. It was great to get to be with Jo and paint, paint, paint.  I think I finished six paintings.  On the last day there was a Quick Draw where we set up our easels and started painting at 9 AM. We had to be finished and turned in to be judged at noon.  I thought I had produced some good work, but I did not win any prizes or sell any paintings. Sigh! Maybe plein air painting is not my thing or maybe plein air style is not my style. Whatever! I enjoyed myself. I learned lots. Will I do it again next year? Maybe not. Maybe.

Now I am home.  This past week I have been working at the CTAC gallery hanging the Kickoff show.  We have 50 artists with several paintings apiece to show on August 8th (I think).  I about have all the paintings up, but stopped today to blog. Priorities, right?  It is good to be home. School starts August 14th. That sure seems close.


Mac pro said...
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Jo Castillo said...

So good to see your post. Sometimes it is hard to keep posting. If I didn’t sketch for the Scavenger Hunts I would be in sad shape. Not as many readers now days, but I use it as my journal/diary. The broadband internet here in AF is super, will be hard to go home and limit my time. Your practice for the Battle is serving you well. You will do great!

We did have a productive time at the paint out. I’m not sure about next year, maybe we will be more in shape .. painting wise. You will have speed down pat! It was a fun time and fun being together.

Best of luck in your shows!

Etienne said...
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