Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another Day

Today is my 47th birthday. I have already been out to feed The Bambina (the calf) who was waiting patiently by the back gate. She let me pet on her for a few minutes after she sucked down her bottle. Then I went out in the pasture where one of the older cows seemed to be down. I don't think she will make it - the risk you take buying older cows. We poured quite a bit of money into the Bambina's mother before she died anyway. I hate losing cows. It is both sad and expensive.

Birthdays are not a big to-do in our family. In fact, we rarely remember each other's birthdays. So the big tradition is to call each other on birthdays - if we can remember. The first one to remember to call is the winner - not that you get any prize. You just get to say "nana nana booboo" to the other siblings. My little brother called first. He was thrilled to be the winner for once. My mom called second. I am betting that the other siblings forget. Then I get to say "nana nana booboo!"

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Bo said...

Happy Birthday!!!