Monday, March 07, 2005


On Saturday we had my one and only grand-daughter's first birthday party. It is hard to believe she is already a year old. Of course, she is the smartest, cutest, most exceptional grandchild there ever was. She is walking. Her mother is teaching her to sign. She can sign "more" when she wants more of something - usually Cheerios.

We had mostly family members at her party. We cooked hamburgers outside and played badminton. Lizzie opened her presents. She got lots of clothes and a few toys. Her favorite present was a container of baby Cheerios. She cried when her mother took them away in order for her to open other presents. I thought Lizzie did great after being so good all day. Throwing one fit was appropriate. Someone started singing, "It's my party; I can cry if I want to.." We all had a good laugh.

All the little kids went out and helped feed the calf a bottle. The Bambina did not care as long as she got her bottle. We sat Lizzie on the Bambina and took pictures. We also put Lizzie in the little red wagon and pulled her around the farm yard. She was thrilled. It was a great day on the farm.

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