Friday, March 04, 2005


On Thursdays I teach art to a group of 20-ish young ladies including my daughter, Jesse. Yesterday one of the young ladies brought Riley, a five year old boy she babysits. To keep Riley entertained while we painted, we put "Dumbo" on the DVD player. I laughed at my art girls because they were so distracted by the child's movie. They were singing along with the songs and commenting on their memories of the movie. Jesse had finished her painting and moved into the den to watch "Dumbo" with Riley. The art girls teased her saying they were jealous that she got to watch the movie and they had to paint. They were surprised when I told them that Jesse had never seen the movie. A few minutes later, my 22 year old daughter came into the room with big tears in her eyes saying, "You didn't tell me it was such a sad movie." Then she went off wiping her eyes and blowing her nose. The five year old hollered, "Hey Jesse, aren't you going to watch the movie with me?"

I love my art girls - they always bring pleasant surprises.

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Bo said...

Surely, she has seen Dumbo before.