Monday, March 21, 2005

Busy Weekend

Spring is in the air. The weather has turned warmer, but the wind is howling - typical March. My day starts with feeding the Bambina and ends with the same. You can certainly feel springtime while standing in the barnyard early in the morning feeding the calf. It makes me appreciate Oklahoma. When I did the same thing in New Mexico at this time of the year, I often stood in snow hoping my baby calves would live through the cold.

We got lots done on the new place this weekend. The block is laid. My son, Bo helped this weekend along with my daughter, Jesse. It was great working together as a family. Teasing and laughing at each other made the work easy. I say "easy", but by Sunday we were all sunburned and sore. It has been a while since any of us did construction work. Toby and Bo both have office jobs that have made them a bit soft. Jesse is in great shape and did well. Me, well, I may be fat, but I am strong. There is a great sense of accomplishment in building a house. We have a long ways to go yet.

My granddaughter, Lizzie, came out on Saturday. Keeping up with her is almost as much work as laying block, but she is more fun. She managed to give herself a blood blister on her tiny finger. She also had a little sunburn on her nose. It seems she likes to play in the dirt and being outside( a girl after my own heart). She did sleep better that night as did we all.

I have been reading some blogs from military young men in Iraq. Their lives are amazing. I am humbled and awed.

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universe essay said...

Spring is my second best season out of all the seasons. First is winter. haha. these seasons are such a blessing from God who has provisioned us with so many experiences.