Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Computer Virus

Last week while blog surfing, my computer detected a virus. Since I had not knowingly opened any email attachments, I wondered how this could happen. Can you get a virus from going to someone's blog page? My anti-virus program did not find the virus after scanning everything. Then I had to get some help. Eventually, I found the viruses and got rid of them, but still I am having some strange things on my favorite list. Things show up on the list that I did not put there - like ads for viagra and anti- spyware stuff. Why is this happening? It makes me crazy. If anyone can explain how I got into this mess especially if it is from blogging, let me know.

In the meantime, we got the store house moved over to the new property. The plan is to add onto the store house and live in this small house until we someday build our dream home. Toby took half of Friday off since it was a beautiful day to get some work done on the house. Alex, a wonderful young man from our fellowship was here with his dozer truck and trailer to help us. By 5:00 that afternoon, we had the store house up on the truck and were ready to start to the new place. My baby sister and her daughter showed up about that time, so they got to ride along. I am sure they won the "What did you do over the Easter Holiday". I doubt any of my sister's city friends moved a house. My sister and I drove in front of the store house while Jesse and my niece followed behind. We took all back roads so I did not have to stop many cars. The few I did stop and tell, "You can't go this way. House coming down the road!" were very nice. Country folk are just friendly and seem to have more time than others. People wanted to know where we were moving the building, where we were coming from, and how many grandchildren did I have? The real problem came in getting the building off of the truck. After jacking it around (literally), we decided to wait until the next morning when we could see what we were doing. The guys had the building off the truck by 10:00 am at which time, it started raining. Perfect timing!

Toby then decided to take Monday and Tuesday off to get the house set on the block and off of the jacked up pillars. We had to finish laying the block, pour concrete into the foundation wall, and make several trips to town for things we forgot. I am sore from toting block, mixing concrete, bending, fetching, putting...but I feel great. This is MY house.

It was great to have my sister here. I do not get to see her enough. Hang in there, Kathy; the school year is almost over. Maybe we will paint pictures this summer or fish in my pond. Life is much to precious to worry over work.

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