Monday, April 04, 2005

The Mind

Last week I went to see my mom and dad. Dad was diagnosed with cancer three years ago. He was told he did not have long to live. He is still hanging in there, and I am thankful. Due to the chemo, the radiation, and the general wear and tear on him, his mind is not always as sharp as it once was. His hearing is all but gone. Communication is often difficult. Every week he gets two fifty dollar bills and five twenties. He uses his cash to pay for groceries and such. Sometimes he accumulates too much money in his wallet, and Mom tries to get him to spend his money instead of hers. While visiting on Wednesday, Mom told me that he had mistakenly given her a fifty to buy burritos. When it came time to pay for their burritos, Mom paid with a twenty. Dad told her that was not the money he had given her. She explained to him that she did not want to break a fifty just to pay for burritos. He told her he wanted his fifty back. She would not give it to him - said it was hers now. This fight continued on good naturedly. Mom was still laughing about it while she told me the story. Dad sat there at the table quietly. You never know what he is hearing or understanding. Then she changed the subject and told me that she had given dad a pedicure. Dad looked up at me and said, "It was really nice." He was quiet a minute and then looked up at me again and said, "It cost me fifty bucks!" We all got a good laugh from his quick wit. It is funny how the mind works. It is good to know that Dad is still with us.

Speaking of the mind, my mind is willing, but sometimes the body is weak. I think I am young and capable of working on the house, but my body is so sore and out of shape. We worked to lower the house onto the block and began putting down the floor joist. It is really beginning to look like a house now, but there is lots to do. Hopefully, my body will get better as we work. The best part of working is working along side my family. My son, Bo, has been helping us along with my daughter, Jesse. They make things fun. They tease their dad and me constantly. Sometimes a sword fight with wooden stakes breaks out. There is just lots of silliness and joy, but they are also a big help. We have teased Jesse saying she should be nice to some young man long enough to get the house built, but the truth is that she does lots of work herself and enjoys it. In fact, although our bodies are sore, we are having a great time.

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Bo said...

My body is pretty sore too, so maybe it isn't the age.