Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mrs. Gadget

Years ago while working at a ski shop in New Mexico, a friend of mine was installing a security system. He had a tool belt with all sorts of gadgets like battery operated screw drivers and such. I teased him about all his "toys". He made a very wise comment that I have never forgotten, "Work is just work without the right tools." He was very right. Since I have always enjoyed carpentry work, I have become the "tool-woman". Tim the tool-man has nothing on me. When my husband says we need a new tool of some sort, I say, "Yeah!" Going to Harbor Freight is my idea of a great date. We recently bought all sorts of new tools - everything from tape measures to a nail gun. The nail gun has been a life saver, or should I say an arm saver. Unfortunately, the air compressor bit the dust the other day. We had to use the old fashioned hammers while putting up floor joists. Toby worked on the compressor and got it going that night. The next day all was going well when the compressor died again. After hammering in fire block for a while, my arm was about to fall off. It was just work. Today I am headed to Harbor Freight to get a new air compressor - Yeha!

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Bo said...

Why didn't you just load up the other air compressor into the truck?