Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Back Up and Regroup

We took Monday off from working on the house. With the roof decking on, we are fairly safe from rain now, and the mad rush to get things done is over (for the minute). We were able to get some things done around the farm like putting hay out for the cows and mowing the yard. I made the trip to town and Wal Mart, filled up gas cans for mowing, and went by the feed store. When I went in to pay for the gas, the clerk said, "That will be $30.00." I was shocked! Maybe because I was only filling up a few gas cans, I was thinking, "Small cans, small amount." Boy, was I wrong! I expressed my outrage to Wes at the feed store while he loaded my order. His reply was great - "Having your lawn mowed may be a sign of prestige this year." Isn't that the truth!

Having a day off gave my sore body time to rest which it needed. We are six weeks away from needing to be out of our present house and into the new one. Being a visual person, I drew out a calandar and made a list of all that needed to be done. I think it helped Toby to see what needed to be done and when. It helped us see where we needed outside help and when to get it. It also made us see a need to go to Home Depot again. That is my duty this morning. I feel refreshed and ready. I think we have a plan, and it just might work.

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