Monday, April 18, 2005

Goes with the Job

We are all beginning to have construction worker tans. You know, where your fore-arms are brown, your face is brown, and your neck is red. When we got home from working on Saturday night, I found myself going straight for the pork skins and beer. Is that because of the redneck? Jesse decided to take advantage of the sun while working. She bought herself a camisole type top (moderate by most standards) to wear while working. Toby and I have teased her saying that maybe she could be nice to some young man long enough to get the house built. She is not buying into that, but she does look pretty cute working in her overalls with her hair in a ponytail.

We also all have boo-boos, and our bodies are sore. On Saturday morning Bo managed to smash his finger with the hammer on about his third swing of the day. He did a pretty good job of busting the end of his finger open. A little while later, Jesse said she saw the ladder go by the window. When she looked out, Toby was hanging on the rafters. She says she saved his life, although it was not a far drop to the ground. An ant crawled up my pant leg and bit me several times. I did not get much sympathy for my ant bite. We all have scrapes, splinters, and bruises. I guess, it just goes with the job. We did get lots done - the roof is decked and the felt is on it. We still have far to go. Maybe we will put a sign out by the gate that says, "Do not enter unless you bring a hammer."

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