Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Good-bye Cows

Yesterday we were up early and working hard to get ready to get rid of the cattle. Every spring we sell all the cows and calves. Then for the next few weeks we have to plow up the wheat field. What makes this year special? We don't have to plow! Since we are moving, the field is not ours to deal with - Yeha! The roundup went smoothly - thanks to a great fence and great cowboys.

The work did not stop after we trucked out the last load of cattle. We had several other errands to do concerning cattle and trailers. Then we headed over to the house to work. At one point I was up on the roof holding a board while Toby was standing on the scaffolding with the nail gun. He was reaching up to nail the board when he took one too many steps and stepped off the end of the scaffold. It was only about four feet off the ground, but it was enough to make his hair stand up on his head. Picture one of those cartoons where the roadrunner steps off the cliff and has that silly look on his face as he realizes he is going down. From my viewpoint, I knew he was okay, but for a moment I had a hysterical feeling of laughing and crying at the same time - laughing because it was really funny - crying because I don't think I can take any more accidents from my husband. About that time he jumped up to show me he was okay. If you know me, you know I do not get hysterical - I think I need a day of rest.

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Bo said...

What's it feel like to be out of the cow business for awhile? Will you miss it?