Thursday, May 26, 2005

Murphy's Law

Our mission was simple. Load the truck with boxes and take it to the storage unit. Make a trip to Wal Mart while in town. Then take the truck to the new house and hook up to the trailer which has a flat (air that up with the compressor). Take the truck and trailer to Toby at work so that he can purchase sheetrock. First hint that things were not going our way - the truck had a flat when we went out to load it. It was not driveable even to the barn where the big compressor sets. All portable compressors were at the new house. Both jacks were in Toby's truck. Both cans of "tire stuff" were empty. Although the truck had a spare tire, it was not easy to get to and the spare we ususally use is on the trailer at the new house. There were lots of questions as to what to do. We decided to get the big compressor from the barn and move it to the truck - easier said than done. Now the problem was how to disconnect the compressor from the wall in the barn. Amazingly enough, we were able to finally disconnect the compressor. Then we managed to drag it to the house. We had some difficulty with the nozel and had to do some switching around, but we finally got the tire aired up. And it actually held air. By this time, we are dirty, sweaty, and tired. After we had the flat fixed in town, we continued with our mission.

The insullation man showed up and insullated the house. He should finish up this morning and we should be able to sheetrock. This is a big "yeah" for me. There are so many little things that need to be done, it is almost overwhelming. My brother called yesterday to say he was bringing his sons and was going to help out this weekend. I just love him!

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