Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Another Trip to the Builder Supply

Last night we drove to Wichita to go to Lowes, Home Depot and of course, Harbor Freight. Earlier in the day I had called around to different builder supply places to get the best price on insullation asking them each the same questions conerning sizes and prices and such. Sutherlands always seems to have the best prices, but things are not always in stock. The guy kept me on the phone for a long time while he shouted back and forth to another guy who was looking for the prices that I needed. Don't they have computers to look that stuff up? Home Depot gave the price of the 2x4x16 rolls, but when I asked for the 2x6 rolls, the guy told me there was no such thing. Where do they get these guys? As it turned out we did not buy insullation from any of those major suppliers. We did buy and an air conditioner to install before we start sheet rocking since the heat nearly killed us last week. We will buy our insullation locally.

After we did our shopping, we went out to eat which is the highlight of the evening. Jesse picked the Texas Roadhouse which is a steak house. She was so tickled with getting to eat there that she was quite animated - smiling and laughing and telling us silly stories. The poor waiter was nearly killing himself trying to think of reasons to come to our table. Jesse was quite oblivious to him, but her daddy was not. I never mind getting good service. Maybe I should send her to the lumberyard next time we need something!

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