Friday, May 20, 2005

Precious Moments

Sometimes while working with your children you have one of those moments that just brings joy to your heart. Sometimes it is not what you think when you think of precious moments, but it still brings joy. Jesse and I had one of those moments yesterday. We were painting on the eaves of the house. It was hot and humid and pretty miserable. Both of us were covered in paint and sweat. A song came to my mind that I had not thought of in years - Willis Allan Ramsey's "Painted Lady". So I sang a few bars to Jesse, " Painted lady with a painted face tell me about your life in this painted place. Tell me with your lovin lips, your lovin eyes.." Jesse smiled and said she remembered a poem that I had once read to her out of one of my books. I was thinking, " Wow, Jesse remembers a poem I read!" Then she began to recite.

There once was a lass from Madras
Who had a remarkable ass
It wasn't round and pink
As you would probably think
But had long ears and ate grass

Now when you homeschool your kids as I did, you have no one else to blame for what they bring home from school. That's my girl!

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Eric Stephens said...

I remember teaching the kids, "There's No Beer in Heaven"...It was cute till they sang it at school. [Face Palm]