Monday, June 20, 2005

Electricity Blip

My electricity just blipped off, and I lost everything I had written on my blog this morning. I also lost the will to retype it all. I had mentioned that Jess is coming home today, and I am so ready. I also mentioned that the house is ready to tile - that was the big news.

I had actually listed some statistics from Bobby's World blogsite. Bobby had reported that in 1976, 46% of military officers were listed as Independents and only 33% were Republicans. Then in 1996, 67% were listed as Repulicans and only 22% as Independents. I found this interesting after a conversation last week with a friend who is ex-military, a Desert Storm vet, and a Liberal. While listening to his views, I kept wondering how anyone in the military could be so liberal . How could you be so against Bush and therefore against the war in Iraq. I just don't understand how anyone can say, "I am against the war, but for the soldier." Does that make any sense? I understand that no one likes war, but there is a big difference in those who hate war and those who are against the war in Iraq. We are in a war - bottom line. Do they want the war to fail? Would that mean that the soldiers fail. Do they want terror to rein? It seems to me that we have taken the war to Iraq rather than here. Terrorist seem to be focused there - not here. I hate that young men and women die in war, but I think that the job they are doing is a good thing. I know they have a long way to go, but I think they are making progress. Maybe if we all got behind them with support rather than reporting and talking so negatively, they could do even better. When our mass media is so liberal that they report and twist things to their negative views, it hurts the military and aids the insurgents.

As you can see, I could rant and rave on this one, and I only briefly gave my opinion. I guess I just am amazed that anyone who was military and fought in a war could be against the American soldier.

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inpassing said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you! Not only do I get fed up with the media and the general population for bashing our military and the war in Iraq, but I really get upset when members of congress speak out against them. It's like the Durbin comment about comparing Gitmo to the atrocities of the Nazis and Russians. I'm sure those who lived through concentration camps would more likley compare Gitmo to the Marriott. And what about closing Gitmo...have people forgotten we are in a WAR and those detained are enemy combatants? Is their memory so short that they have forgotten 9/11? What about moving Gitmo to our mainland as some have suggested...oh, now that's a bright idea...let's bring the enemy who has made it clearly known that they want to kill us to our own back door!!! I just can't believe how when some people open their mouths stupidity just rolls out. Don't they realize the danger their comments put America in? Don't they realize the danger their comments bring to our soldiers who are already sacrificing so much, even risking their life...for them!!