Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Family Fun

We worked hard over the long weekend and got lots done. My son took off work and helped us, and my brother, Pete, came to help on Saturday. This made the work easier and much more fun. Marty came to run the back-hoe and help put in the septic tank. He is always a hoot to work with, and he is a hard worker to boot (don't tell anybody about the hard worker part; it would ruin is reputation). Joseph, a young man from our fellowship, came one evening to help, and Aaron, another young man from church, came one day. We certainly are blessed with good friends.

We have been having a small problem with tools. No one ever seems to put them back where they go. Then there is the constant shuffleing of tools from the shed to the house. Something is always missing. Our electrician accidentally ran off with one of our two utility knives. So I bought another one. Then the electrician came again and brought back the knife. I was happy to now have three knives so that we did not have to fight over them. But the insullation man accidentally ran off with one thinking it was his - so we were back to two knives on Friday when we started sheetrocking. By Friday afternoon, we were down to one knife and accusing each other of losing the other knife. We searched everywhere for the mis-placed knife. I figured it probably fell out of Toby's pocket at some point. That evening when Jesse was getting undressed, she hollered, "I was framed! I didn't do it" She came in carrying the lost knife which had been found in the back pocket of her overalls. It turns out that Toby walked by her at some point during the day, stuck the knife in her back pocket without her knowing it, and then forgot about it. We all got a good laugh, and we were back to two knives.

Speaking of sharp objects, on Saturday Bo asked Jesse for the keyhole saw (long narrow blade used for sheetrocking). As Jesse handed it to him she said, "Do you want it in your gullet?" Bo took the saw, and as he turned he said, "You need to read more modern novels." There is always such comments flying around when you work with a bunch of smarties. It certainly makes things fun.

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