Friday, June 03, 2005

The Push

Yesterday I told Jesse that I was feeling like I was about to the end of my rope. Not only is my body tired, my brain is tired. I have been making lots of little mistakes - like forgetting to take Toby's work clothes to the house, or driving off in the wrong vehicle for what is needed that day. It is nothing major, but just little things. After lunch yesterday, we stopped at a friend's house to just say hi. After sitting for a few minutes, I asked if I could just take a short nap before returning to work. That nap was so needed. Yet, I feel like we are so close to being finished with the house. We need to really make the big push here to get it done. I have always been a bit of a donkey just plodding on - no matter what. It is time to put your head down and just push right on through. I will reach down inside and pull out the strength to get it done. Just thinking about the final push makes things much more exciting. A little excitement is what I need right now. Encouragement would be good too.

Tomorrow is Jesse's birthday. She could use some encouragement too.

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