Saturday, June 04, 2005


Today is Jesse's 23 birthday. I just took her morning coffee to her in bed and wished her a happy birthday. That may be all the special treatment she gets today since we are so busy. Since her brother's birthday is next week, maybe we can celebrate more later. In fact, they both use to think that their birthday started with Jesse's, lasted all week, and ended with Bo's. Bo was always confused - since he was the oldest why wasn't his birthday first.

All moms keep special memories of the birth of their children. Jesse came after a long labor, and I was very tired ( as I was with Bo also). I remember saying that Jesse couldn't be mine because she was just so beautiful. Her hair was dark, her eyes were dark, and she had perfect pink skin with a pretty shaped head. My first words to my husband after Bo was born was, "He is so ugly, and he looks just like you." As I said, I was very tired. I remember everyone being so amazed that I had had a girl. Only Hub (Toby's dad) and I thought she would be a girl. He told me I would have his dark hair, dark eyed granddaughter. Although I thought jesse would be a girl, I argued with Hub about the dark hair and eyes, but he was right. It is too bad that he did not live to see her. They would have been special buddies.

The strongest memory of Jesse's birth day was when Toby brought Bo up to see me in the hospital. I watched from the window as they walked across the parking lot up to the hospital. In typical man fashion, Toby did not hold Bo's hand. Bo, who would be three in a few days, was walking beside Toby taking big strides to keep up - such a little man. I realized then that Bo was not a baby anymore. The thought took me by surprise. He was pretty proud of his little sister - right up until his cousins showed up. Then he had no time for girl stuff. Later that day, he fell and skinned his knee while playing with the cousins. I have this great picture of him sitting in Toby's lap with his little leg extended due to the hurt knee, but holding Jesse who made everything good again. She still makes things good and brings us great joy and Bo is still my little man.

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