Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Moving Mess

According to my mom, when I was a little girl I asked her if we were moving because the house was so dirty. That should be the question today. While Jesse and I moved boxes and furniture yesterday, we got a wake up call as to how dirty our house really was. The big mess is the barn. Things stored out there are not only covered in dirt, but also in spider webs and dirt-dobber clods. Critters live in the barn, and I am not just talking cats. Jesse went into another one of her accented antics - this time it was her Okie/hick accent, "Oh that, it is just some possum poop. Did you know possums poop where they eat. Don't step in it."

The new house has its own mess. There is the pile of construction material that will be burned. There is another pile to be hauled to the landfill. Then there are all of the tools and building supplies that seem to be everywhere. It is going to be a big job just getting it all organized.
Moving creates quite a mess and disorganization. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, and when it is all done, it will be great.

I have to mention the ceiling fans. Our ceilings are not all that tall, therefore we tried to buy ceiling fans that would not chop someone's head off when they come to visit. Jesse took forever to choose her fan. She had her own vision of what would work in her room, and no mother's advice could sway her. I have to admit her fan is beautiful, but a bit large. Last night she turned it on for the first time. Putting it on high she stood in the doorway of her room and asked her dad to come look. As he walked into the room, she said, "Welcome aboard, Mr. President."


OPB said...

Jesse is quite the quick-witted comic. I think I would pay money just to follow your family around and be entertained. I always try to read your blog before anyone else is in the office so I don't embarrass myself with bursts of laughter. Like I could really embarrass myself.

inpassing said...

Hmmm....Having grown up in a rural setting and raising chickens, a couple of pigs, a few rabbits, 10-12 cows (of some sort), and a horse...I think that I still mostly relate to Lisa on Green Acres...