Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Getting Closer

We have phone service, or at least that is what the phone man said. I have not actually tried it out yet, but that is on my todo list. We were suppose to have phone service by June 2. Since we were expecting to be in the house by then, I had called in the order sometime back in May. Of course, when you place your order for phone service, you could be talking to someone in Arizona or some place that has no idea where you live. I asked that the phone person come out and take a look at the home site and determine what would be needed for phone service (like getting a line dug from the phone box on the road all the way out to the house in the middle of a pasture). The phone man apparently came out and took a look at it and said, "No problem - we will have service June 2nd". June 2nd rolled around, and no phone man was seen again. So on June 8th, I called again. The order person said that someone had come out, but "the house was not ready yet". I'm not sure what that had to do with anything, but I asked them to try again. That is when the very interesting black lady in a phone van showed up and said, "I don't know how they gonna get a phone line out heah." I know I had that stupid look on my face with all sorts of thought going through my mind, but I refrained from saying them and was patient knowing that there is only one phone company around here. Sure enough, someone put in a phone line up to the house while we were in NM. Then I had to call again to get the phone folks back out to hook the line up to the box. Yesterday while waiting for the phone man to show up, I got a message on my cell phone that said, "We came by, but did not know if the house was ready yet." This time I nearly went bullistic. A few minutes later I saw the phone truck parked near our gate. So, I went looking for a fight. As it turns out, the man was very nice, and very soft spoken, and got the phone hooked up easlily. It was a good thing too, because I really wanted to fight.

Alex came by that afternoon to hook up the light switches and such. We went to dinner with him, his wife and daughter. It was a real treat for our anniversary. Later that evening Alex rushed off after a call from his wife who may be having there 2nd baby. I left the house early and went by to see my grand-baby who was very entertaining. When I got home about 10:00, Jesse had the house packed up. I think she is ready to move.

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inpassing said...

I'm glad things are getting closer for you. It is always good to be the keeper of just one home. :)