Friday, July 29, 2005

Summer Days

My art girls came yesterday. It was good to get back to art on Thursdays. It was good to have my girls here. We had plenty of room to do our art, but not a lot of room to store their work. I may have to have all the girls take their work home from now on. Since they all play softball with Jesse, we had to put up the art a little early. They had their last game last night. It was just about over before it started. By the top of the third inning the score was 21 – 1. It was as if our team was not there at all, and it seemed to be the boys more than the girls who were not playing so well. Of course, the boys usually carry the team. Jesse actually played pretty well. After the other team reached 21 points, they gave us the last bat. Both teams were having fun together, and there were lots of friends and family in the stands having a great time. The other team must have put in their scrubs because we started making a few points. With two outs, Jesse hit a great ball just over first baseman’s head. She made it to first. Unfortunately, on the next play the first base coach had her steal second. He really waited way too late to send her and the other team was playing a good hind catcher (usually it is a girl). The catcher threw the ball to second, Jesse slid, but she was out. It was pretty close; I think the ump just wanted to go home. That ended the season. There is just something about softball games on a summer evening that I love. Then we went for ice cream to top off our evening. I am glad I live in America.

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inpassing said...

I'm sure it's nice to get some normalcy back to life...whatever normal is?!?! Did I hear anyone mention Apple Pie with that baseball? Sounds great to me.