Wednesday, July 27, 2005

That Girl

Yesterday at lunch Toby said, "Do you want the good news or the bad news?" This means he has no good news unless he makes it up. It means he has bad news. Then he told us the compressor was out on the old Caddy he drives to work. It will take more to fix it than the Caddy is worth. Then he asked us what we thought he should do about it. Jesse said, "I think you should put it in the gully and burn it." (For those of you who don’t get it, read yesterday’s post)
Last night we looked at new cars. We had already been looking for a car for Jes. Her 92 Honda is getting pretty rough. Toby thinks that someday she will get married, and it would be nice if she took a working car into her marriage. My mistake was in letting her test drive a Toyota with 170 horse power, 6 speed, sports edition type car. Now anything with less horse power just feels like a dog. Last night she test drove a little Mazda 3. She actually went through a yellow light, turned red before we got through it, slapped the dash, and hollered "Yeah!" I think her daddy is a bad influence on her. They get great joy in scaring the car salesmen. This salesman (young man) seemed to think it was all great. He probably would have gone along with anything she had done.
Speaking of Jes and her young men. Sunday we went to lunch with my son, daughter-in-law and grandchild. The waiter was a young man who had worked at the Higher Ed where Jes has taken some classes. He was very friendly and asked her how her classes had gone. Toward the end of the meal, Jesse wanted some honey for her tortilla. When the waiter came by to ask if we needed anything, in her sweet little voice she said "Honey". It sounded as if she were calling him Honey. It really threw him for a second. He said, "Excuse me?" She just laughed and said, "I need some honey." He laughed too. He seemed like a nice kid. It will be interesting someday to see what young man comes calling and can keep up with her.

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