Monday, August 08, 2005

The Car

Saturday morning we took off for the Metroplex. We had several things on our "todo" list; the main thing was to put Jes and Lindsay on a plane to Myrtle Beach, SC. Just know up front that having those two in a car, together, all day was wild. Toby and I were highly entertained from the moment we picked up Lindsay to the moment we dropped them both off at the airport.

We took the back roads to Texas or as Toby calls it, "The Bridge to Nowhere" because Toby loves to drive the winding road (perfect for motorcycles). The girls did a great impression of him as a race car driver hugging the curves, wheels screaming…We had lunch at a place called Dieter Brother’s on Hwy 82. It has great barbecue if you ever happen to be in the area. Then we started stopping at different car dealerships as we got in to the big city. Nothing was too impressive, although we were pretty sold on a Toyota Corolla - if we found the right one. At one dealership, the sales man’s last name was Butt. Do you think the girls had some fun with that?
We did eventually end up buying Jesse a car. I won’t say what kind of car, yet, leaving that to show and tell her friends when she gets home from the beach. Before we found the right car, we had a very nice, quiet salesman doing his best to make a sale, but we felt the same as before. Nothing had really caught our attention and was "just right". Then the sales manager came over. He introduced us to a different salesman – one who was young, and good-looking and as crazy as the girls. He showed us the great car (one like he owned himself). It was the perfect car for Jesse. She loved it, and we bought it. I don’t believe I have ever laughed so hard while buying a car. The girls had the whole car dealership watching and waiting on us to get the car. The young salesman was right in there with them. It was a good experience. Jesse said her stomach did not hurt this time (at the thought of buying a car).

Now some people might think that Jesse is quite the princess for getting such a car, but this is something we have thought about for a while. Jesse is not a kid who just got her license. She is a responsible 23-year-old who has proven herself over and over. She has been a big help building our house, working on the farm, learning to be a homemaker and being obedient to us. She has done well in school making a 4.0. She does well in all that she takes on. This will be a car that she will be safe in and enjoy – something she can (someday) take to her marriage, and it will be a help. I want to point out that our son is, also, all of that and more. He has met all of our expectations and done great. We have truly been blessed with children who have a soft heart, who have been obedient to us and to God. I am thankful for Bo and Sara. When you have children like this, you can help them out knowing that it won’t be squandered or wasteful. Just as our Father wants to bless us when we do good, we want to bless our children when they are a blessing to us.

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