Friday, August 05, 2005

Old Fogey

Since the pace has now slowed on working on the house, things have sure gotten dull. No one has fallen off any ladders, mashed any thumbs, set any pastures on fire, or had a chance to really be smart alecky all week. The good news is that my body may be recovering from the overload of work of the last several months. The bad news is that now I am gaining weight. You can’t keep eating like a construction worker once the construction stops. My right arm is still having problems at the elbow and the gripper. Simple things like taking the laundry out of the washer is a pain. Now then I have a crick in my neck making turning my head difficult. That would not be so bad, but I also have a rash of some sort or bug bite on that same side of my neck that is pretty painful. I feel like I am just falling apart this morning. I woke up stiff and sore, and I have not done any work to cause this. It is just old age. I may have to go see Dr. Patty about the rash.

Tomorrow we take Jesse and Lindsay to the airport and send them on their grand adventure to Myrtle Beach. Just being around the two of them is a grand adventure for most of us. At the lake yesterday, they rented a canoe and took Riley and Coltin (the boys Lindsay babysits) out on the lake. Apparently they had a misunderstanding on how to man the canoe. As they headed for a small island in the lake, Lindsay told Jesse, "Right side". Jesse did not understand. Lindsay could not figure out how anyone could not understand, "right side", but Jesse thinks like no one else. She thought "right side" of the island not of the canoe. So they had an argument. The best part is five year old Riley saying, "You can just let me out here."

I would love to be going to Myrtle Beach with the two of them – not so that I can watch over them, but so that I can just watch the show that they put on. Life is a grand adventure for them. Years ago in a discussion with Lindsay’s mom on what we wanted in husbands for our girls, we both had many of the same things in mind for them. One of those things was a husband who would love the joy in our daughters and not try to squelch that joy. One thing is for sure, whoever marries these two will never have a dull moment.

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