Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Global Warming Warning

I am no scientist, but I just don’t understand this global warming thing. It seems when some part of the world is having a heat wave, global warming becomes a hot topic (pun intended). Here in OK, we are having a rather mild summer. In fact, with all the rain of the past few days, Jesse has stuck two cars in the driveway (which does not have rock yet). Last year we also had a pretty mild summer with some unusual but wonderful rains. Jesse and I spent a large part of the summer either on the lawn mower mowing or in the tractor plowing. We have had some warm days this year, but that is normal for OK. Overall, this summer has been great. I can remember summers when the heat was just unbearable. Wichita Falls would get hottest spot in the nation several times a summer. In 1980, I drove my Mom from Dallas to WF. We got to WF at 5:00 PM, and it was 115 degrees. We decided to just keep on going to New Mexico. Here is my question: If the world is thousands of years old, and we have only been keeping accurate records for a few hundred years, how do we know the temperatures are getting warmer? How do they show global warming? With what do they compare things to?

Hang in there, Mr. President, don’t sign any treaties concerning global warming. Here is where I feel like Gilda Radner on SNL – someone will correct my scientific views and make me look stupid, and I will say, "Oh. Never mind."

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inpassing said...

Beats me!! I once saw some information on circular reasoning where evolutionists determine the age of bones they find by the age of the rocks they find near them. But...they determine the age of the rocks by the age of the bones they find near them. Sounds a little fishy to me!?! I think I'll stick with God created it all and thankfully He's still in control of all of it.