Monday, August 15, 2005

Fall Too Soon

While working on this house, there was almost no TV watching, but that was okay since everything was pretty much reruns in May and June. Once we moved in, there was still no TV for several weeks. Finally we got a dish and lots of channels to watch. It has taken me a while to get use to TV again, and I am learning my way around the new system. Toby was reluctant to get so many channels saying that I would be watching Matlock, Magnum PI, and Murder She Wrote all day long. I do love a mystery (and Tom Sellock), but I have refrained from daytime TV and too many reruns. Then a couple of weeks ago I found a show on TNT called The Closer. It is a pretty good mystery show, and I like the actress who plays the lead. It happens to be on Monday nights. So why am I blogging and not watching my show? Hmmm, could it be that pre-season football has started. I just think it wrong, wrong, wrong to have football come so early.

When we lived in the mountains, there was a feeling that would overcome me in August. It was a brief feeling of fall approaching – just a cool breeze and the smell of fall. The feeling would send me into a panic that summer had gone by much too fast, that I needed to have more summer. I should explain. Normally, I love the change of seasons and fall is a great time in the mountains. But when you work your buns off in a resort town through the summer, you just don’t get to enjoy the mountains like all the tourist do. That feeling of fall coming was depressing.
That is how I feel about football in August. I am just not ready to give up my newfound TV shows. I need to see some more movies and mysteries. Maybe I need a TV for the bedroom.

I will post more about August later.


OPB said...

My wife loves The Closer. I guess great minds think alike. "You know, sometimes we think the same thing at the same time."

Bo said...

That's Amazing!!!