Monday, August 15, 2005

Home Again

The girl got home yesterday morning at 6:30 after driving all night with her friends. She was tired and had a cold. She went straight to bed. Later in the day when she perked up a bit, we were finally able to communicate somewhat with her. By bedtime, she was in our room talking our heads off. Her digital pictures of SC were great. The beach scenes were colorful and fun. She took lots of boat shots and pictures of friends they met on the scuba adventure, and they seemed to meet everyone on the boat (I am sure they were the life of the party). The actual underwater pictures will have to be developed before we see them.

As the day went on, we got more stories out of her, but we had to see Lindsay to get the good stories. She just has a way of telling stories. Apparently, there were some barracudas swimming with them on the scuba adventure. The water was murky, and the barracudas were a surprise causing Lindsay to scream. While waiting on their ride, they tried eating oysters on the half shell at a funky little cafe. They had to get the waiter to explain how to eat them, but they were not impressed with the oysters (the waiter, they liked). I am sure I will get more stories eventually, and I am sure there are some stories that I will never get. Those stories are only shared with your best friend on your grand adventure. That's okay; I was young once, too.

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