Monday, August 22, 2005

That Girl Again

Jesse’s car is a Scion. They are basically built and sold by Toyota. Hers is a white TC, which is a sporty little four-cylinder coup. We got the five speed with a sunroof. It is just pretty cool. She has been able to drive it all week and show her friends (when she can get it away from Toby). Once again there was no haggling for it – you pay the price listed which was a good price. We have not heard from the Toyota dealership about the key they lost, but then who needs a valet key when you have two keys anyway.

Jesse and I took the TC to Lawton on Saturday to do some shopping. She has a job interview today with Halliburton (more on that in a minute). We were looking for some outfit to interview in that would make her look professional and grown up. We picked up a brown suit (top and skirt), a pair of black pants, and a top at Ross. Then we headed to the mall, but we were starving and getting grumpy, so we decided to eat at Garfields.

I am going to backtrack a minute and tell you about a luncheon we had several years ago at Olive Garden. It happened to be Halloween and our waiter was dressed as a devil of some sort. He was quite taken with Jesse, and he hung out at the table saying rather silly things and trying to make a good impression. He even brought her a flower (pulled from one of the arrangements) and told her she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen (something to that effect). When he brought our meal, he said "bon appetit". He started to leave, but turned and said, "That means good eating in French." We all burst out laughing when he left. Some impression he made – did he think we were stupid? Bon appetit has become the key word for whenever we have a waiter who is flirting with Jesse or being particularly annoying.

Now we go back to Garfields. The waiter asked if he could interest us in a Pepsi product or an iced-tea. Jesse said she would have a Dr. Pepper. He misunderstood her, and said they did not have Dr. Pib, but only had Dr. Pepper. She misunderstood him and thought they did not have Dr. Pepper. I finally said, "Stop it! You two are saying the same thing!" We all laughed at the misunderstandings and got our drinks and order. He was particularly attentive during our meal coming around very often. Then at one point he asked if he could get Jesse another "Dr. Pib". We smiled knowing he was joking, but then he said, "That is known as a ‘call back’ when someone refers to a previous joke. You see I do stand up comedy." Jesse and smiled and nodded. When he left our table, Jesse and I burst out laughing – saying bon appetit.

As for the interview, this is something we have prayed about. For those of you who know us, you know that we have raised Jesse to be a homemaker. We have always thought an education is important and have let Jesse continue with hers. She has done custom house plans for people the last several years while going to school to get her associate degree. Although she has worked toward a Bachelor’s degree, that does not seem to be the right thing at the present time. Having a job outside the home seemed to be a good thing for her right now. Knowing her heart, knowing that someday she still wants to be a wife and mother (to a bunch of boys and have a swimming pool to be wild in), we have let her apply for this drafting position with Halliburton. We think the interview process will be good for her and the job too – if she gets it.

While shopping, we found a black blazer to go with the black pants bought earlier. We found some different tops to make everything look professional, yet feminine. She was bare footed while trying on the brown suit. It looked very nice on her (a bit dull), but her skinned knee took away from the "grown up" look. She said she would just explain in her interview that she skinned her knee going down the slide at the water park. "You go much faster on your knees!" Later when we got home she modeled her new clothes for Toby to see what she should actually wear for the interview. The black pants and blazer were very nice. Then she came out in the brown suit with some very high heels. Oops! She definitely looked grown up. Toby said, "Wear the black pants."

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