Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The other day I posted a blog that was titled "The Big Question". As I started the blog, I had a big question in mind, but as I wrote, I got sidetracked and never got to the point and question that I had intended. No one noticed or commented. I am not sure what that says about me or my readers, but I thought I would try to stay on track today. Pete, this is a serious posting.

I had CNN going on TV the other night while I was working on supper. There was some reporter saying that he thought the tide was turning in the American people’s support for the war in Iraq. He was saying that more and more people were NOT supporting the war, and he gave some very low percentage that did not support the war, but said that percentage was growing. About the time I said, "What a bunch of crap", Toby came in and said, "That is Bob Costa, the sports announcer." I thought, " why am I listening to a sports announcer tell me his opinion of the war – why are they even interviewing him?" Then on our local ABC channel last night, which I have little or no respect for their reporting, they had an opinion poll on "Can President Bush rally support for the war?" Then it showed that 61% of local folks said "no" – keep in mind that this is not a very scientific poll. It made me wonder. Are you kidding? In an Army town in conservative OK people do not support their soldiers??!! What is going on here? Is all of this coming from the Cindy Sheehan thing? Do any reporters read real military news/blogs? Has anyone heard of Michael Yon and his reports? Where is the positive reporting?

Every day I sit down with my coffee cup and I read military blogs from guys in Iraq who tell amazing stories of heroes. They tell of the good going on in Iraq. They also tell heart-wrenching stories of the fallen soldiers. They give realistic views on how long this will take, but they are committed to seeing it through – that it is a worthy cause. Today on www.soldierlife.com, who is home now, says he would go back, that he cannot imagine not serving. There are many others that I could tell about and share their stories, but you can find these and read for yourselves.
Maybe I have lots of Big Questions, but I just cannot understand why the main media does not report these things. If they only report "if it bleeds it leads" stuff, how can they say they are unbiased?

Now, here is some of Lou’s Logic. I don’t want to argue about WHY we are in Iraq (although I could), but I do want to ask a bigger question and maybe make a point. Our military is in Iraq fighting insurgents that are from all over the Middle East (better there than here). They are training the Iraq military and police to stand and take over the job (takes time and effort). If we pull out now, what would happen to the Iraq people now? Would Arab insurgents take over? Would the country be tossed into chaos? Would we just have to turn around and go back in to Iraq to save the people from tyranny again? Would all that we have done up till now be undone, counted for nothing. Would all whom have given their lives for freedom in Iraq have died for nothing? How can anyone argue that we should pull out now? So then, is the next argument that we need an exit plan? Sure, lets give the enemy a date and plan for when we are leaving. That way, they can just wait us out.

I feel very sorry for Cindy Sheehan. I can imagine after the first battles of the Civil War there were some mothers thinking, "You know, I don’t care about the South and slavery; I just want my son back." In fact, President Lincoln nearly lost his second election because not everyone was for the war. But there must have been some people with more insight, deeper commitment who could see what needed to be done so that all were free. Why does our mass media not see that?


inpassing said...

History records Lincoln as one of our greatest presidents.

On the other hand, Cindy Sheehan is making a mockery of her son's willing sacrifice, and if we pull out of Iraq now...her son and all of our other fallen soldiers will have died in vain.

As to the media and their liberal bias, they are only undermining the morale of our troops and will do anything to take President Bush down.

I hope the records of history reflect favorably on George Bush showing him as a man who was willing to lead a nation not based on popularity polls, who was willing to stay the course in difficult times, and who was willing to count the cost and still do the right thing.

And...I pray that our country is a better and safer place for my children and grand-children because of the brave sacrifice of Cindy Sheehan's son and the other patriots like him.

(Thank you for letting me momentarily use your soap box for my stand.)

OPB said...

Stay with me, I do have a point. Did you see the mini series on tv called Into the West. There was a scene where the Indians were camped out in a small town and there was a little disagreement. Someone pulled gun but a shot was never fired. However the young reporters, who were desperate for fame, wired to their newspaper about a bloody and nasty skirmish. My point is, I wonder how much truth there is in the media today. Are they trying to sell articles? Are they trying to make a name for themselves? Where ever they are doing, they do it at the expense of our brave troops.