Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Today I signed up to be part of Soldiers’ Angels. I have seen this organization mentioned in lots of blogs. They seem to be a group that does much good in support of our troops. They do all sorts of things from raising money for families of wounded soldiers to writing letters and sending care packages to soldiers. Since I have been ranting and raving on how we need to support our military, I thought this would be a start. It seems like so little, but it is something.

I started teaching my art classes yesterday after taking the summer off. I have been doing this for several years now. It started about six years ago when a mom came to me and asked if I would teach her daughter art. I said sure, and began teaching Sarah in my home. I cannot explain how much fun and what a blessing my time with Sarah has been. There have been many wonderful times – great joy. There have been times when we have laughed until we had tears running down our cheeks. I would love to tell you about some of them, but you just had to be there.

From my one student, Sarah, a few more girls joined us. After a while there were five girls crowded around my kitchen table every Thursday to do art. It has been a wonderful time of shared laughter, private jokes, lots of art, and even music.

Then other mothers started asking me to teach their daughters. I agreed to do this on Tuesdays. The first Tuesday, about 12 girls showed up. Oh my gosh! We eventually had to divide up into two groups that came every other Tuesday. I have been teaching these younger girls for about 4 years. One year we painted nine huge wall paintings. I had paintings all down the hall, in the kitchen, and on the table with the whole crew of art girls everywhere painting. We had music blaring, girls were singing, and slinging paint. I loved it, and the paintings turned out great.

My older girls, the first group, has changed over the years. Many of the girls have married; some have had babies including my own daughter-in-law. Some are still with me. But it has been a time that I have wanted to guard against interruption or distraction. It is a time to get together and just enjoy each other. It has been a very treasured time for me. I am not sure how this year will go. I have about 25 kids total now including several boys. I have lots of beginners this year too. But the biggest change is that Sarah is getting married. Knowing Sarah, she will still come to art, but I dread the day that she does not come. I rejoice with her on her upcoming wedding and her wonderful future, and yet I cry. Maybe it is my hormones.

Pete, this is just for you. Last night we were watching the History Channel, which was showing a documentary on Desert Storm. As it neared 10:00, I started getting ready for bed and prodding Jesse and Toby to do the same. Jesse said, "Wait! I have to see how the war ends."

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inpassing said...

Sometimes art lessons work out so well that you marry the art teacher's son. is good!