Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Art Discussion

At art class yesterday, we had an interesting discussion. One of my girls spoke up with, "I just don't understand why everyone does not love Lucky Charms." That sparked a whole debate on breakfast cereals. As a kid, I remember seeing the commercials for Lucky Charms and thinking that they really looked good. Then I begged my mom at the grocery store to let me have LC. It was always a real treat to get to pick the cereal for the week. Of course, I had to fight (and I do mean fight) my brothers for the chance to pick. They were always suckers for the prize not considering how the cereal would taste. It only took one time to pick LC to realize that was some nasty cereal. All those marshmallow treats were yuck - I don't care what kind of prize they put in the box.

I told the art class that anyone who ate LC probably liked Fruity Pebbles too. They agreed. Someone added that Coco Puffs were just as bad. Now hang on there, I think Coco Puffs are not so bad. I like the way your milk turns sort of chocolate. We all agreed that Captain Crunch was right in there with Lucky Charms. It was a great discussion. I am not sure what our new student thought about it, but he will get use to us - eventually.


RSSMagic said...
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inpassing said...

Well, as for me, I salute the Captain! Forget Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms.