Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lizzie Fix

The grandbaby has not been here in two weeks. We had to go see her on Saturday to get our "Lizzie fix". Due to having a cold, she had not been out of the house much nor had many visitors. She was pretty excited to see us. She immediately started whistling (she associates us with our dog, Ranger).

We all went out to eat and then went walking at the mall. Lizzie was wound up and excited to be out and about with her own audience to laugh at everything she did. I could go on and on about how funny she is, but then everyone would think I was just a silly grandmother. She really is funny and keeps us constantly entertained – she is my granddaughter you know!

Lizzie loves to play peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek. Sometimes Jesse hides and then sneaks up and "gets" Lizzie. Of course, Lizzie can see her coming, which does not lessen the thrill – in fact, it causes her to squeal and laugh and grab me around the neck and squeeze as if I were protecting her from Jesse. This is all a very loud process, but quite enjoyable for all.

Although Lizzie cannot say my name yet (Mama Lou), she can say her other grandmother’s name, Nana. She seemed quite pleased with herself and said "Nana" over and over. When we tried to get Nana on the phone so she could share in this joy too, Lizzie would not say it while the phone was to her ear, but would say it after we removed the phone. She is a stinker. The day was wonderful, but I was worn out after the mall. So was Lizzie.

Hey Nana, I have been missing you too.

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inpassing said...

We had to take my sister to the airport in OKC Sunday morning so we got to see Lizzie for a short while. She has been saying Dadad (although it comes out something like Da-Da-Da-Dad) and appropriately associating it with him for a few weeks now, but it was especially sweet to hear her say Nana. However, in keeping with her ornery little self...when asked "Where's Mama, Where's Daddy, and Where's Dadad", she would always look directly each one of them. BUT, when asked "Where's Nana"...she would just look around as if to say "Gotcha!". She is a little teaser...now where do you suppose that came from???

I have to leave for OKC again this morning to meet my folks for a doctor appointment. Lizzie and her Mama are meeting all of us for lunch today. No doubt she'll put on a show for the great-grandparents...but that's a great way to start your day!