Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Family Stuff

Over the weekend we went to Lubbock, Texas, for my cousin’s wedding and to visit my mother-in-law. The wedding was enjoyable with the groom’s father partially officiating the ceremony. The reception was okay, but a little on the dull side. It took the bride and groom a long time to get to the dance part of the party leaving everyone to sit around too long. After most of the food was gone, things got pretty dull. The best part of the wedding was visiting with my cousins whom I had not seen since the family reunion in June. We are a pretty close clan and enjoy each other. Most of the talk centered on the fiasco in New Orleans. The talk was not so much putting the blame on anyone (although state and local governments would get the vote for "least prepared or helpful") as it was wondering what would happen next with all of the people being shipped out to other areas of the country. Although I have lots of thoughts on the subject, the problems in NO are just too much to blog about at this point. I will say that you need to have your citizenship in the heavenly city, because earthly cities will let you down; they will be judged (Ps. 109 is an example).

Visiting with Toby’s mom is always a joy. She is a great lady. I wish we had her around more often. If you ever wonder where Toby (and now my grandbaby) get their stubborness, well, let’s just say that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Speaking of the grandbaby, we were able to see her on Monday. She was highly entertaining as usual. Although she has been repeatedly disciplined for playing with the watercooler at my house, she is just a brick-brain about it. Now, she can get a cup, hold it under the spout, and press the button to get water. Then she takes the cup of water and pours it in the dog bowl. All of which is just pretty amazing for an 18 month old. It was just easier to teach her to do it right rather than keep beating her over it.

We also got to see my sister and her family who were coming home from the DFW area after attending a soccer tournament. We were coming home from Lubbock and met up at my parent’s house. I was able to get one "dig" in on her. She was giving Jesse pointers on getting a job, job interviews, etc. I just had to say, "Yeah, Kathy has a job" (which she does not have right now). Everyone laughed. I felt a little badly about teasing her, but it was just such a perfect setup for a joke – I could not pass it by. I love you, Kathy.

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