Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bits and Pieces

In several of the blogs I read, there were links to a site that had written a post called "Tribes". I will try to put the link up later in this post for those who would like to read this. The article mentioned two tribes that all people fit into. He also divided people into wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs. He had quite a bit to say about the problems of the hurricane aftermath. In fact, he just had a lot to say period. It is worth the read although it is long. I still don’t think I can add my two cents on the problems in NO, because it would be more than two cents. It would be more like $5.53, and those thoughts are not organized yet. I feel quite a frustration and anger for all that has gone on and is continuing down South. I want people to be strong and brave no matter what (it is the sergeant in me again). If you read this link from Eject, Eject, Eject, know that he is angry too, and sometimes he uses bad language (rare, but it is there). Still, it is a good read.

I had my high school art class yesterday. They are a good group, but yesterday they needed lots of help. That is what I do, but it kept me hopping. There are two art shows coming up in October to be getting ready for. I will participate in both. My art students will participate in one. I will be in charge of the Youth Gallery of that one. It means not only will I be trying to get my own artwork ready, I will be preparing my students also. It is a lot of work, but the joy on their faces when they see their work on the wall at a real show…priceless.

I had Starbuck’s coffee with my buddy, Travis yesterday. We tried to solve the world’s problems or at least some of the problems in our small area of the world. Travis has a heart for the young men in our fellowship. He wants to see them step up to the plate, be courageous, be heroes, be godly young men. I appreciate that in Travis. I stayed too long visiting, but it was a good time. Speaking of heroes, Jesse made an amazing dinner last night of steak grilled with Greek seasoning, a special cucumber sauce and a feta-tomato salad. A few days a go, she grilled salmon with lemon, butter and blackening seasoning and steamed asparagus for the side dish. Any heroes out there that want a wife that can cook….

Well, I just killed a fly on my screen. It may have landed in my coffee. I will try to put the link to "Tribes" on here and move on with my day. Oh, here is a funny comment that my son made when we told him the rat story (a blog or two back). He said that putting the cat and the dog in the closet to find the rat was like something out of a cartoon. Jesse said, "Yeah, where the rat kicks their butt". A cartoon does seem appropriate for that escapade. Maybe I should start a cartoon of my life.
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