Monday, September 12, 2005


It was really a nice weekend here. On Saturday we got lots done around here. My shelves got put up over the washer and dryer. The panels to cover the electrical wires going into the breaker box were put in place. Toby worked on the kitchen cabinets and finished the bathroom cabinet. Alex brought sand over for the foundation of the barn along with some for the patio area on the east side of the house. Since Alex had his bulldozer here, Toby used it to smooth out the yard somewhat (I think it needs lots more work but I am patient). We did lots of little things too, like clean the living room carpet. We did all of this after having a big breakfast in town.

Having breakfast in town is a big treat. Usually in the winter when there is not much to do around the farm, Toby and I like to sneak off and have breakfast together early in the morning. It seems that both of our children like to do this too. While most young people want to sleep in on weekends, ours don’t want to miss anything that might be fun. If you have trouble getting your kids to eat their veggies, just tell them they can’t have them. Then eat them yourself as if they were wonderful. I guarantee that they will want their veggies if they think they are missing out on something wonderful. Same thing with getting them up early – let them think they are missing something great, and they will start wanting to get up early with you. If this fails, just enjoy the time alone with your spouse anyway.

Mom and Dad came over around lunchtime to see the house. They stayed a couple of hours and then drove home. That is about all Dad can handle. He slept in our recliner while he was here. Ranger, the rat terrier, slept with him. Ranger jumped up on the footrest and curled up against Dad’s legs. Dad gave him "the look" that said, "I don’t like dogs", but he let him stay there. Jesse took a picture of them napping together.

That evening we drove out to some friends’ house where the young people had gathered to play volleyball. The parents sat out in lawn chairs visiting, watching the game, and playing with grandbabies (cause there are a few of them now). The evening was cool, and the fellowship fun. I wish I could explain the closeness of these friends and family; the peacefulness they share. It is because we are part of the same kingdom – one of peace, love and joy.

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