Friday, September 09, 2005

The Home Place

Some of you might want an update on how our home is coming. With the summer heat, things really slowed down around here. I think that after we pushed so hard to get into the house early in the summer, we just needed to rest up, heal up, and re-group. Lately, we have been working on a few little jobs. Toby has made a medicine cabinet for the bathroom and some shelves to go in the laundry area. He has also started working on the kitchen cabinets. There have been a few times that I wished we could just go buy some cabinets, but I have been patient. I know making cabinets is something Toby really wants to do. The barn is the next big project. It should actually go up pretty easily, but it just takes time to get all of the ducks in a row. One of the things that slowed us down the most on building the house was waiting on contractors to do their part. Getting a hold of them, making a time to do the work, waiting on them to show up, having them not show, and then starting the process over again is a big pain. That is one of the problems with the barn. The other is the cost. Pouring concrete and putting up metal is just not something Jesse and I are very helpful with. I know it will all get done eventually. I am not worried about it – in fact, I would rather wait until the weather cools anyway.

I really like our place here. Last night Toby and I walked the little trail he has cut for us. It is a nice little hike. With the pond and rolling hills, this land is very pretty. Someday, when we get it all put together, it will be a great place. I am wondering how the fishing will be this fall and looking forward to having visitors to come check it all out. That is an invitiation.

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Bo said...

Yeah, we gotta get that barn finished so we can start on our locost!