Monday, October 03, 2005

The Art Show

The art show went about like I expected it would go. My art kids did very well. Sarah won the high school grand prize. Her painting was interesting, maybe, but not really finished and certainly abstract because Sarah does not really draw well. Because she is easily distracted at art, it is difficult to get her to focus on her work. But hey, what do I know! Colten won the jr. high grand prize. This was a surprise, but a very welcome one. He is one of my new students and shows lots of promise. The four-year-old, mentioned in the earlier posting, won the elementary grand prize. I was very pleased with all of my student’s artwork, and pleased with their behavior at the art show.

Unfortunately, my anxiety dreams came true. I had been fretful that Harv, whom I mentioned in the earlier blog, would attack the kids at the show and be rude to them, and he acted just like I thought he would. He over-reacted the minute people with young children walked into the show. He met them at the door and warned them to watch their children – make sure they did not eat or drink too much. These families were not part of last year’s problems, and were therefore, surprised and hurt that someone would speak to them this way (Harv is not very diplomatic). One mother told me that Harv had been rude to her. They looked at the show, and left early. I doubt they participate next year.

When I found out that that Harv had been warning people to keep their kids away from the food, I came unglued. I felt my blood pressure rise and my face turn red. My mom says that I am her most easy-going child, but that I will fight. I wanted to fight! I wanted to hurt Harv. You can do what you want to me, but don’t mess with those I love. I managed to control myself, but I was hot. When I got a chance to talk to Harv, I was very controlled and to the point. He eventually said that he was sorry, but he continued to be his anal self the rest of the evening - ruining things for me. I found myself watching kids and Harv hoping he would not do anything else to annoy anyone.

By the way, my portrait of Josh got an honorable mention, which was a nice surprise. I really did not think I would get any ribbons. I think I deserve a ribbon for not killing Harv.

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