Friday, September 30, 2005

Good Art

Sometimes I wonder why I do these art shows. At my first art show, I put in five paintings (watercolor) that were pretty good. None of them won a ribbon. The next year I put in one or two watercolors. I can remember walking up to the show telling Toby that there was no way I could win a ribbon this year – that the other art work was just too good. I won a third place ribbon that year. The next year, I won a third place in pastels. Last year I won a second place in pastels. That does not include the year that I did a really great pastel that everyone loved – I did not win any ribbons that year. I say all of that to say participating in an art show is like participating in a horse race. Any horse could win. No telling what the art judge will like.

I truly do not think my art will win this year, because it is only "okay". It does not say, "wow", but only says, "That’s nice". But my art girls have really done some nice work, and I am looking forward to seeing their faces when the artwork is judged. When they win, I win. This is their year.

One funny thing did happen while setting up the paintings last night. A little four-year-old brought in a painting. It was extremely abstract, but very interesting – good color. All the paintings were set against the wall until the screens were in place to hang the artwork. I could not hang the youth art until last due to the arrangement of the show. At one point I looked up and the four-year-old’s painting was being hung with the adult oil paintings. I corrected the situation, and we all got a good laugh out of it, but it did not instill a confident feeling that these artists knew what they were doing. What does that say about art? What does that say about our art show? What if I had left the child’s painting with the adults? Would anyone else notice? Would it have won a ribbon? I have lots of questions about "good art". On the other hand, what does it really matter as long as you are happy with your own work? One thing is for sure; no one should take any of this very seriously.


Bo said...

I have often wondered how some art and artists become so famous and considered "Masters". If you didn't know who the artist was or that others considered it good art, would that art be "good" to you? If you put a painting by RC Gorman in tonight's art show and no one knew who he was, would it win a ribbon? Knowing the quality of art at Duncan, it might, but I think it is doubtful.

This makes me wonder. Of all the masters, the Rembrandts, van Goghs, Monets, Picassos, etc., how many "good" artists were there that we don't know about. How much "good" art is not in the Lourve or the Hermitage, but in someone's basement or even in Duncan, OK tonight?

inpassing said...
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inpassing said...

Sorry...I meant to add something on my previous post. Anyway...I just got back from the Art Show. I don't know what makes good art and am personally challenged just drawing stick people, but it seems to me that whether you think art is good or not boils down to personal preference.