Thursday, September 29, 2005


Although I do not feel anxious, I am having anxiety dreams. You know, the ones where you are back in high school taking classes, but you cannot find your way to class. In my dream last night, I found my class and all was going well, but then we were given a writing assignment (should be easy). My pen exploded, my paper was a mess, and I could not get finished before the class was over. I hate those kind of dreams. Hmmm, could it be the upcoming art show?

At least the weather has cooled down even if it is only for a short time. It kind of feels like mountain weather. That is a comforting feeling. Now I need to find time to switch the winter clothes for the summer clothes. That means a trip to the storage unit and a search for the clothes. I don't have time for that right now. But what will I wear to the art show? Now I will probably have those "naked" dreams where you show up somewhere without your shirt or you cannot find your clothes and you have to be somewhere important.

I may be more stressed than I thought. Last year my art girls and their families had a swim party before the art show. Then they played at the park for a couple of hours before the show. When they came into the art show, they were hungry and thirsty. They swarmed the punch bowl and swilled it down. They ate all of the food as if they were having dinner. Harv, who is over the art show and the most anul retentive person in the world, had a fit. This year he is putting it on my shoulders to police the food and beverage table. He has threatened to be "really mean" to the kids. I can feel my anxiety level going up. Gee, Harv, they are just kids - get a life!

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