Friday, October 07, 2005


Do you ever feel like someone gave you a five-pound sack, but told you to put ten pounds of things in it? That is how I am feeling this morning. Being a morning person, I really need to start early, because by the afternoon, I am shot. Lately it feels like I am just not getting my stuff done. Yet with this cooler weather, I feel like it is time to get to work.

Yesterday, Jesse and I went brick hunting. Jesse found a picture in "Southern Living" of a patio paved with an assortment of bricks and stones. It was pretty cool looking and sort of what we had in mind anyway. So, we have been looking for bricks. Some little old lady who was getting her hair done in Mom’s beauty shop said she had some bricks in her back yard. Jesse went by her house and gathered about 20 bricks. Jesse called several places in Wichita Falls looking for old brick, but did not find any. Aunt Daphne, who was visiting at Mom’s, mis-heard Jesse and thought she was looking for old books. She kept asking Jesse if there were any old bookstores in Duncan. Jesse explained the brick thing again, but later Aunt Daphne asked her if there was a public library somewhere near by that would help us. We all managed to keep a straight face and continued to look for bricks.

We found a man in Comanche that said he had some bricks in his pasture that he would sell us – five cents a brick. Jesse and went out to his farm (it may be a junk farm because that is what he had growing in his pasture), and sure enough, he had some great bricks. They were old, red, and solid. Jesse and I dug through the pile putting them neatly in the back of the pick-up. We dug until we uncovered the snake. Then we decided we had enough bricks for one day. We had stacked twelve dollars worth of bricks in the truck.

Now if we can just agree on how to lay them out. Jesse wants to gather all of the bricks and stones first – then lay them out. I am for just laying them as we find them – haphazard. Too much planning could spoil the whole effect. I am the sort of person that just likes to jump in and go for it. Jesse has a dream. Do you think we ever butt heads? Who do you think wins – the donkey or the princess? Maybe I am just a "brick-brain".

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inpassing said...

Oops! I don't know if Jesse had the idea to gather all the bricks and then come up with a pattern before we talked or not....but, that is how I suggested that I would handle it. Sorry, the "arteest" in me doesn't run very deep. As a matter of fact, I'm really not sure it flows through my veins at all. Well anyway...Sorry "Eeyore" but, I cast my vote for the "Princess".