Monday, October 10, 2005

Fall Changes

Fall has finally arrived. We had beautiful cool weather this weekend. My grandbaby came and entertained us. She loves being outside. It was nice to not have to douse her in sunscreen and bug spray just to take her outside. Toby and I put her in the wagon and pulled her around the driveway. She loves the bumps and would laugh and squeal. Toby set a grasshopper on her leg. Giggles and chuckles erupted from her. It was such a precious moment. She picked up the grasshopper and looked him over. Then she began to take him apart.

With the changing of the season comes the changing from the summer clothes to the winter clothes. Here in OK, keeping summer clothes handy is a good idea. You can always use those t-shirts as layers to keep you warm, and then have them to wear by themselves on those days when weather is still quite warm. It is not really time for the heavy sweaters, yet long sleeves may be necessary soon. Sometimes the "big switcheroo" is difficult for me.

With the coming of fall and seeing Uncle Bob last week, I have been thinking about our trips to DC. I will miss that this year. Those have been some good times. Seeing cousins, seeing the sights, and being apart of the Ia Drang reunion is a great experience. Maybe I will devote a whole blog posting to those memories later. But everyone should visit our nation’s capitol when they are old enough to understand and appreciate the history.

I need to get busy with my fall cleaning – it is mourning you know. My computer has been slow, and I have had way too many cups of coffee waiting on it.

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