Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Jesse says that some day when she is married, she wants to have all boys. They just seem more fun to her than girls. I tell her that although I think boys are easier, girls can be fun too. After all, I had her didn’t I? Her friend, Lila, has three boys, and her friend, Cene, has two boys. She enjoys being around them and helping out with them. She likes spending time with her male cousins too. She likes the way boys dress and the way they act. Of course, she likes her niece just pretty well. Lizzie is cool. Jesse has taught her to bump fist rather than high-fives. When Lizzie holds her little fist out to be bumped, it is just pretty great. Jesse enjoys making Lizzie clothes too. This summer she made them matching skirts and has a plan to make some fall clothes. But still, it is boys that Jesse wants. She says she will name them Gustavo, Gaston, Gunner, and some other G name that I can’t recall. She will call them Gus, Gas, Gun, and Goose. I told her that would be great; I could just holler, "GGGGGet over here" and they would all come running.

Last week while shopping at Wal Mart, I found some rubber boots (farm boots) for Lizzie. They look just like Jesse’s mud boots. Because they were ten dollars, I was unsure of spending that much money on shoes for her to wear around the farm. I called Toby at work to get his opinion. I told him that the boots would last through all the grandchildren. He said to buy them, "Gosh, Golly, and Good Grief would all use them someday."

Lizzie wore them all day Sunday under her little dress. She looked really cute – like a little Dutch girl. She played in the dirt and rocks and had a big time wearing her new boots. When they got ready to go home, we took the boots off, and her little feet were stinky. Who needs boys when girls can get just as dirty?

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OPB said...

I have a friend that has three boys. There names are Harrison, Hamilton, and Huelan. Of course, we call them Harry, Hammy, and Huey.