Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Exprience

We have been working on putting sheathing on the house. We were going to put some foam board stuff on the outside walls, but then Toby decided that was not what he needed (trip back to Home Depot to exchange things), and we chose the black asphalt stuff. Monday night I helped Toby put up several sheets of it while Jesse was off with her friends. It goes up pretty easily.
Last night I started helping Toby again. This time Jesse joined us. About that time, I realized that I had been invited to the cheap movies earlier in the day by a neighbor. Several ladies from our fellowship were going to meet at the movies to see "Almost Like Heaven". Hey, I had not been to the movies all summer long – I needed a turn at going out with my friends. It was a last minute decision, but a good one.

The movie turned out to be a cute, romantic comedy. Afterwards, we stood around in the parking lot and visited for a while. That is when I realized that I was the "old lady" of the group. They were all talking about potty training their babies and other "mother" stories. When I told a story about my children, my children were the same age as these mothers. Lila and Cene were both there whom I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about boys. Tammy, who is potty training her oldest daughter, was there. She called me Mama Lou (my grandma name) when she saw me. There was one mother whose oldest child is about 14, but I was by far the oldest mother there. Although I had a great time, it was sort of a funny feeling to be the grandma of the group. The really good part of being the old lady in the group was that while they all had to find sitters for their children, I left my baby building on our house.

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inpassing said...

We saw the kids Monday on a spur of the moment trip to OKC with our two "nearly-weds". When I saw the grandbaby, I asked her where Mama Lou was and she looked around the room with such scrutiny...then when she didn't see you, she started whistling!