Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Cat is away...

Toby heads to Tulsa today for some sort of accounting school. He will be back Friday evening, but it is enough time for Jesse and I to find something fun to do while he is gone. When I was a little girl and my father would be gone, Mom would make us something special for supper that Dad would never have agreed to eat. We kids thought it was a real treat to eat chicken livers thanks to Dad. Beef liver was high on our list too. In fact, Craig and I could not believe the kids at school would not eat liver opting instead for peanutbutter. Craig and I pigged out when the school served liver - we knew it was a real treat.

Jesse has already been discussing going to see a movie. When I mentioned going to see Willie Nelson, who is in concert in Lawton, Toby said, "Hey now, don't get in trouble." Hmm, does he think that there might be a few army guys there too? How could we get into trouble at a concert? Oh well, I assured him we would not do anything stupid. I guess we will settle for a movie or something. Sometimes we rent lots of girl movies and stay up late. Wow, what swingers we are! We could add to the excitement by inviting Lindsay to spend the night - never a dull moment there. All of the art girls will come today; maybe we can make a plan with them. maybe we will just paint until our little hearts are content - not having to stop and make dinner for Toby. I guess we could surprise Toby and work on the house while he is gone. The possibilites are endless. Any good ideas out there?

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inpassing said...

Your comment on Willie reminded me that I saw a biography special on Kris Kristopherson the other day. Did you know he was a Rhodes Scholar, a decorated Captain in the military, and was being appointed as a professor at West Point before he started singing country? I didn't. I was first impressed with how smart he was and by the time the show was over I was are dumber than dumb!