Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Catching Up

This morning I have been catching up on some correspondence. When I blog, I tend not to write personal notes thinking that people can always read about my life in the blog. Some people remain ignorant about my blog or they really do not want to read that much about my life. Every once in a while, I have to break down and write several personal notes. I really do not mind as long as I get personal notes back.

Last night was the hospital art show to raise money for some cancer organization. I put in two pieces of art and donated one piece to the silent auction. There was a reception with lots of mingling. It was fairly dull stuff. Most of the art folks that I know love Jesse. When Jes and her friends showed up at the reception, things livened up a little – it was certainly brighter. Everyone likes to visit with Jesse and ask her about her life. One man looked at her ringless finger and said, "There are a lot of stupid men in Duncan." They all ask her about any young men in her life and what her plans are for the future. She has learned to take it all well, but it is difficult to explain that we are waiting on the right young man – her hero.

Yesterday I read blestwithsons blog. She wrote about her difficulty in raising her sons to be manly, but godly men. In today’s world, that combination is not "in". It was an interesting posting. Too bad her sons are very young; we could use some godly young men around here.
I may blog on this subject more later, but I need to get my morning moving.

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inpassing said...

Sorry we missed the Art Show. We had planned on coming, but just too much going on right now. Tell Jesse to continue to be patient. Some guys are a dime a dozen, but a "hero" is worth the wait...and they come knocking at your door when you least expect it.