Thursday, November 10, 2005

Helping Daughters

Yesterday I went to WF to help Mom and Dad run some errands. It is more and more difficult for Mom to get Dad out and about on her own, but sometimes Dad just insists. It is a great thing that he still wants to go and do. He is truly amazing. Uncle Paul is just pretty amazing too for taking Dad to coffee every day and being such a good friend and brother-in-law.

This day I was helping. Dad wanted to go to Wal Mart and Sam’s Club – two places that wear on the best of us at the best of times. We got a late start because Yvonne Sampson Smith came by to visit (having old friends stop by is always a treat). Dad wanted a new electric shaver from Wal Mart, and he did not want another "cheap one". Hey, if Dad can tell the difference between a cheap shaver and an expensive one, and he wants to pick out a new one, I am all for doing it. He pointed out the way to the electric shavers in Wal Mart, and he chose his new shaver. He also paid for it (he still keeps the money in his wallet, and Mom still asks him for money). Then we headed to McDonalds for some lunch. I am leaving out all of the small things like getting Dad up and down out of the wheel chair and having Mom choose from the menu at McDonalds – things that make life interesting.

At Sam’s, Dad got his bag of chocolate candy and his cigarettes (old habits). He told me where to check out which made me smile because it was my dad being his old self. Once we got back to their van, Mom looked at the clock and said we should head on over to coffee although we would get there a little early. As we drove across town to the coffee place, Dad was complaining that it was too early to go to coffee. Mom and I just ignored him, and told him that it was not that early. Finally he said, "This is will be a pain in the butt" which caused me to laugh. Mom checked her watch. Sure enough Dad was right. Mom had never set the car clock back – it had the wrong time. We had an hour so we took him home and called Uncle Paul to come get him for coffee. Mom and I laughed and laughed that we were the crazy ones and Dad was right.

By the time I got home from WF that evening, I was worn out. Jesse had made a new pasta recipe and baked a pear pie. Daughters are a blessing.

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One generation teaching another generation how to's a good and precious thing!