Friday, November 11, 2005

Girl Talk

My art girls were here yesterday – it was a really good day. Sarah has been coming early so that we get some serious painting done, and I get some "Sarah time". She asked Jesse to be one of the greeters (the one who make sure you sign the guest book) at her upcoming wedding. This is Jesse’s favorite job. Jesse asked if she would need a new dress for the occasion. Any excuse for a new dress!

While they were discussing dresses and such, it reminded me of last year’s banquet in DC. Jesse and I searched almost as much as we had the year before for just the right outfit. Once again, the dresses were much too "floofy" or too revealing. It is difficult to find simple and elegant, but not old and stuffy. At one point she found slacks with a really beautiful top. It was not low cut or anything like that, but it was very flowing and feminine. Jesse looked great in it, but I had my doubts whether it was right for a banquet. I asked the sales girl (young black girl) to take a look at Jesse and see what she thought. The girl took one look at Jesse and began dancing around the room swinging her arms and singing, "Go Mama. Go Mama!" Jesse and I just stood there with our mouths open. It was such a great response – certainly unexpected, but not exactly what we were looking for. We did buy the pants and top because every girl needs a "go mama outfit", but she did not wear it to the banquet.

Later at art, the girls were talking about Jesse and Lindsay’s rock climbing adventure in Colorado last summer. Lindsay had everyone laughing including Shelly, who is a new student and an elder’s wife. Lindsay said she looked up at Jesse hanging on the side of the mountain in her harness and thought, "Boy, does her butt look big! Jesse is really small, and if her butt looks that big, mine will look huge. There is no way I am climbing up there!" You just never know what Lindsay will say next and in front of whom.

There were lots more interesting art conversation, lots of laughing and enjoying each other. They are all really special girls. Recently at an art show in Duncan, the art teacher from Marlow (a man about my age) asked Jesse and Lindsay if they had any special young men yet. When they said no, he said, "There are a lot of stupid men in the world."

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